Circumstances that may make you to sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis

Medical malpractice can be a complicated offense. In fact, it seldom happens that two cases are identical in nature. This is due to the many medical areas that can be susceptible to this kind of negligence.

Can you sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis?

Many people had thought that medical malpractice applies solely to surgical negligence. Unknown to many people, there are numerous cases that can fall under medical malpractice and these do not only concern doctors but nurses and other health personnel. Even dentists can be sued.

One very common cause of medical malpractice is the erroneous diagnosis. As such, this will affect the doctors. You know that before treatment is made, the doctor has to recognize the cause of the ailment. Wrong identification by the doctor can result to incorrect drug prescription. The effect would be aggravated condition or more injuries to the patient. For this negligence, the doctor can be charged with medical malpractice.
The wrong diagnosis is not the only punishable negligence. For any delay in diagnosis, the doctor is culpable. When a patient arrives in a hospital or clinic, he is entitled to immediate and timely medical attention. Delayed diagnosis will mean delay also in the administration of treatment. Because of this delay, the condition of the patient may deteriorate resulting in the more severe condition.

Instances that can you sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis

Error during operation or surgery is another case of medical negligence. The surgeon may operate on a wrong site. A more common case of surgical error is inadvertently leaving foreign objects inside the body of the patient. Anesthesiologists can also be charged with this negligence when wrong drugs or dosages are injected into the patient who is due for operation.

Childbirth may also lead to medical malpractice. This could emanate from the negligence of the doctor or any other health personnel in the hospital that led to injury or death of the baby. Some cases of negligence committed during childbirth are complications in induced labor, error when the cesarean operation is done, mistreatment of the child and brain damage to the unborn because of deficiency in oxygen supply.


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