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Since the introduction of the internet, businesses and educational institutions have improved on both the nature of services offered, and the means or channels through which these services are offered. There have been a lot of innovations and technological advancements geared towards providing the required support.

Education as we know it has taking a completely new turn, and the learning methods and approach have become unconventional and more flexible. With several universities introducing accredited and recognized online degrees and programs even as far as doctorate programs.

There are a couple of reputable universities in the world which offer business doctoral programs online, and we are going to take a look at some of them.

Doctor of Business Administration (from Walden University)
The program duration is 30 months. During this Period, you’ll be learning under a close supervision by one of the doctors in the university from beginning to graduation. It has an accreditation from Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. This accreditation ensures quality and compliance of institutions to the standard that has been set for business schools. It also gives credibility to the program. You can get more details about this program on the university’s website by clicking the link below:

Ph.D. in Business Administration (from North Central University)
In the doctor of philosophy in business administration program, you will learn the techniques and methods required to carry out a proper research and find solutions to industry-related problems. You will acquire the needed skills as a leader, and be able to tackle the challenges that exist in the business world today. The university also offers a doctor of business administration program, which focuses more on the implementation of these businesses techniques and strategies. You can learn more about these programs by using the link below.

Doctor of Business Administration (from Florida International University)
This doctorate program is designed for working professionals and senior staff in the industry. The course work is a bit rigorous, but offered in such a manner that allows you to work as you learn. In this program you’ll have direct communication and close supervision from Professors, with a 72 hour course work and a three year duration, you’ll be equipped with the leadership and problem solving skills required for excellent performance and maximum productivity in your career. For more details you can visit the university website using the link below.

You’ll find there are a lot more business doctoral programs online from reputable universities. We’ve made a list of some of them and their web links below.

Doctor of Business Administration ( from Temple University)
Doctor of Business Administration ( from University of North Carolina)
Doctor of Business Administration ( from Grand Canyon University)

Hope you found these helpful, thanks for reading

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